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Warehouse Lifting Equipment

What to look for in warehouse lifters

Deciding which warehouse lifters to sell or buy is all about efficiency. There is little or no point in purchasing warehouse lift equipment that cannot handle the load, distance, labor time and applications required in your particular warehouse. You want to minimize the need for a large fleet and therefore equipment selection should be considered carefully rather than looking for the cheapest machines to sell. If you're still not sure which warehouse lift equipment is right for your specific application and environmental needs, consider renting a machine for a while. This allows you to see which devices work best and what application potential there is. Only after you have identified the key requirements of your application should you start looking for warehouse lift equipment for sale.

Reach Truck

The reach trucks for sale in our product portfolio are available in a wide range of lift heights. When you need high-rise equipment, reach trucks are the answer. We have reach trucks that reach heights of up to 12.1 m, even when fully loaded. Knowing that every warehouse is unique, UniCarriers has made it possible to customize trucks to customer specifications with features such as vehicle shelving and rail guidance.
The FRSB series reach trucks for sale are electrically powered seated units with lifting capacities from 1.4 to 2.5 tons. The units can run for long hours before the battery needs recharging.

Pallet trucks

Pallet handling is part of an overall warehouse operation . You want equipment that can handle your various pallet lifting and stacking needs. Such industrial trucks must be easy and safe to use and offer optimal driver comfort.
Operators work long hours and when fatigue sets in early, mistakes and mishaps can be expected. These mistakes in the warehouse environment can be fatal or financially costly. Therefore, it is important to choose warehouse hoists that offer excellent features to improve safety, operator comfort and efficiency. That's why you won't be disappointed with the range of low risers we offer.

Company Reg:2020/793491/07