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Types of Lifting Tackle

Wire Rope

Wire rope is used in cranes, hoists, gantries and various types of sling. Before use, the wire rope must be inspected for corrosion, wear, broken wires, etc.

The splices and their attachments must also be inspected for serviceability. During use, care must be taken to ensure that the wire rope does not kink.

Before multi-legged wire rope slings are attached to a load, they must be carefully checked to ensure that the shackles are correctly attached and that the fittings are not twisted.


Chains are used in cranes and various types of sling especially when lifting cased engines, drums of fuel and oil etc., where strength is needed.

Before use, chains must be inspected for cracks, flaws, distortion, excessive wear and socketing.  Socketing is the name given to the grooves produced in the ends of the links when the links chafe against each other.  A 10% reduction in diameter of the chain material makes the chain unserviceable.

Fibre Rope

Slings of fibre rope are used for lifting propellers and must be inspected for frayed strands, pulled splices, excessive wear and deterioration.

When not in use the slings should be hung on pegs in a dry sheltered position.  Immediately before use, the strands should be slightly untwisted to ensure that they are not damaged, or mildewed internally.

A damaged or mildewed rope sling must be destroyed.

Aircraft Slings

These are provided to ease the handling, dismantling and assembly of aircraft components.  Only the correct type may be used.  The sling may be of the three-legged type as used for aerofoils.  Other types of sling may be fitted with spreader bars or struts.Some aircraft have special threaded holes in the airframe, which are used to attach the sling end fittings.  These holes are normally sealed with plugs.  An overhead crane, mobile crane or hoist is used to raise the loaded sling.

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Company Reg:2020/793491/07