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3 Reasons Why a Lifting Inspection Makes Sense 

The importance of regular hoist inspections 

A lot can go wrong when working with heavy lifting equipment. The loading capacity may not match the weight of your products, workers may not be properly trained, and the equipment itself may be in poor condition. 

Each of these problems can create an unsafe operating environment, but all of these problems can also be easily fixed. In addition to providing workers with proper training, scheduling elevator equipment inspections will help prevent a host of other problems down the road. 

Damage Inspection 

The most critical part of any inspection is finding existing damage. If a part is already broken or rusted, it can pose a serious hazard to workers using the equipment. An inspection ensures that all parts and functions are functional and in good condition. If something needs fixing, you'll get a summary of exactly what needs fixing. Just because your computer is still working doesn't mean everything is in top condition. You may have a broken bearing somewhere in the system or a loose bolt that is a time bomb. 

Proactive replacement of obsolete materials 

Even better than finding current problems is identifying future problems before they arise. A good hoist inspection will identify materials that are no longer working and need to be replaced before they break. This can save you time and money by preventing unexpected downtime due to equipment failure. You can also protect your employees from preventable injuries by anticipating problems before they become a safety threat. 

Updating the system to meet changing needs 

Sometimes organizations update their strategies and capabilities without considering how their current systems adapt to these changes. If production at your facility has increased or you are now handling larger, heavier items, your current hoisting system may not be up to the job.  As your processes change, remember to consider the impact it may have on your capital team. You may need to upgrade your loading capacity, or even require a completely overhauled system to meet new industry standards. 

Sometimes it's just about changing regulations and efficiency requirements. In any case, it's a good idea to keep up to date with the latest technology and regulations through regular inspections.

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Company Reg:2020/793491/07