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The Importance of Annual Load Testing & Certification for Air Ground Support Equipment

The maintenance of ground support equipment at airports worldwide is oftentimes not taken seriously. Some companies feel that if a piece of equipment does not fly, it is not important. Unfortunately for the safety of the air traveling public as well as employees and professionals who work with aircraft, nothing could be further from the truth.

Why Load Testing Is Important

It is impossible to guard against overloading a piece of ground support equipment if the crew does not know what the rated load is, or worse if the equipment is no longer able to sustain the load. The only way to ensure that this does not happen is through regularly scheduled load testing and certification.

Apart from the obvious safety reasons for regular load tests, there are economic reasons as well to perform regular inspections. Load test certifications are an important demonstration of a professional – and safe – operation. Additionally, load testing and properly applied maintenance of ground support equipment can significantly reduce downtime.

Load Testing Requires Expertise

The key to effective ground service equipment load testing and certification is to find a service provider with demonstrated expertise in the field.

360 Load Testing Services – a properly trained and equipped provider specializing in the load testing and certification of GSE – can complete testing very cost-effectively in terms of both time and money.

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Company Reg:2020/793491/07