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What Happens during Mobile and Overhead Crane Inspections?

Working in the construction industry, you know how important mobile and overhead crane inspections are. They ensure your equipment is working effectively and safely, keeping you and your fellow employees safe. While you may know what an inspection is and what they are used for, you may be unfamiliar with everything that is checked out during the actual inspection. If you are also unsure of where or how to get one, Southwestern Industrial Contractors & Riggers can help. We offer both mobile and overhead crane inspections that can help you meet industry standards and guidelines and keep your employees safe.

The Mobile and Overhead Crane Inspection Processes

The inspection process will differ depending on which institute it's under, such as OSHA, what kind of inspection it is, and whether it's a mobile or overhead crane inspection.

How Often Do Cranes Need to Be Inspected?

The answer here: it depends. Some cranes and regulations call for the cranes to be inspected daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually, biannually, and annually. These inspections will search for different things and the cranes will need to meet certain requirements for each one.

Who Can Inspect Cranes?

As you've probably figured out, unless you are certified to do so, you cannot perform mobile and overhead crane inspections yourself. You will need to hire a reputable construction management company that is certified to do the inspections for you.

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Company Reg:2020/793491/07